"To bring light into the darkness, such is the duty of the Artist"
Monumental (33 feet high) “Christ of The Holy Cross” Installation/Dedication at Chapel of The Holy Cross in Sedona, April, 2018 (50” high maquettes available)
“We invite you to visit the world of"Allegorical Art"
James Muir Allegorical Sculpture Art and Monuments

Featured Bronze Sculpture Allegories by James Muir Fine Bronze Sculptor

Broken Arrows

Broken Arrows a bronze Native American warrior sculpture created by James Muir

Visions of Flight

Visions of Flight by allegorical bronze artist James Muir

“Once you have tasted flight, you will
forever walk the earth with your eyes
turned skyward, for there you have been,
and there you will always return.”

Leonardo da Vinci            

Shadow Wolf

Shadow Wolf a Bronze Sculpture by James Muir