"To bring light into the darkness, such is the duty of the Artist"
Monumental (33 feet high) “Christ of The Holy Cross” Installation/Dedication at Chapel of The Holy Cross in Sedona, April 4, 2018 at 4 pm (50” high maquette now completed)
New Commission to be completed 2019 is monumental "The Patriot"
“We invite you to visit the world of "Allegorical Art"
James Muir Allegorical Sculpture Art and Monuments

Featured Bronze Sculpture Allegories by James Muir

The American Pieta

The American Pieta a bronze allegorial monument created by James Muir

Based on Michelangelo's Pieta' of Mary and the Christ, which symbolizes the sacrifice made for Human "Spiritual" Liberty; this sculpture stands as America's symbol honoring the sacrifices made for Human "Physical" Liberty. In this sculpture by James N. Muir, Mary has become Lady Liberty with the classical warrior lying in her arms. His shield bears the crest of the United States of America; his helmet is that of Athena, Goddess of War. The Sword of Truth and Justice that has slain tyrants, is taken from his grasp by "Liberty" to be passed on to the next courageous warrior who will step forward to take his honored place in the phalanx of Freedom...


Caduceus the healing lady by allegorical bronze artist James Muir

"Caduceus", recognized as a universal medical symbol, in this bronze representation by James N. Muir has become and Angel of Healing bringing love and peace upon the earth and all of its inhabitants. She is 12 feet high with a 9-foot wing span and includes fountain capabilities.
In a limited edition of 12, with number one purchased by St. Louis University.
"My goal is to see these "Seven Ladies on Seven Continents" transcending individual differences to become a unifying symbol for the universal kinship of humanity and all creation in a physical metaphor representing the spiritual connection between all things. To help bring the healing power of love into the earth, ushering in a new era of Peace."
James Nathan Muir

Edens Gate & Vision's of the White Man's Road

Allegorical Bronze Sculpture by James Muir

Historical Note: This piece is based upon the legendary Garden of Eden Allegory herein by a young maiden of the Oak Creek Band of Western Apache in her “coming out” dress for the adolescent puberty ceremony Available as a pair, or individually...