Allegorical Art in Bronze by Sculptor James Muir

  • The Short Video of The Bronze Allegorical Art of James Muir (3 min)
  • Allegorical Bronze Art by James N. Muir

    The Allegorical Art


    James N. Muir

    “To bring light into the darkness, such is the duty of the Artist”

    “Allegorical Art” is a term I use to describe my work as being filled with symbology to help create a heightened social, political and universal awareness. The allegorical symbolism in my sculptures bridges the centuries of history to make contemporary statements about the human condition, in order to exemplify the highest qualities of man. His work speaks of Duty, Honor, Courage, Liberty and Justice, but above all, of Truth and the ultimate triumph of the Human Spirit.

    Allegorical Art utilizes another dimension: allowing creative people to use their God-Given talent to express the higher attributes of mankind through symbolism in their work - leaving their own lanterns to light the way for others... .

    Each bronze sculpture has three levels of interpretation: Artistic, Literal, and Universal, with subjects that range from historical to contemporary. The golden thread that ties it all together is a never-ending quest for the essence of life – for truth in its purest form.

    James Muir Allegorical Sculptor-ArtistJN Muir Bronze Allegorical Sculpture