Sabre and Rose Cross a Bronze Civil War Sculpture Allegory by James Muir Bronze Allegorical Sculptor-Artist

Sabre and Rose Cross a Bronze Civil War Sculpture Allegory by James Muir

"Sabre and Rose Cross"

13"L x 5"H

edition 24

"The Head and the Heart; the balanced symmetry of the Yang and the Yin from which the cross of Life hangs by the thread of Truth."
James Nathan Muir

" In all levels of existence, there are oppositions, until one reaches absolute unity with all, and then it is only a state of mind anyway, and when one exits from such a state of mind to deal with reality of any level, one again encounters oppositions, for oppositions accompany all polarity, and reality is made of polarities.

There can be no such thing as any realm of reality or actuality without some degree of polarity, polarity implying oppositions. The state of mind of nonpolarity can exist on any level, even on your earth plane level as a way of experiencing an ascension, allowing the earth to fall away, and attunement with the absolute Divine Creator. When you cease to recognize polarity, seeing yourself as positive and negative all as one, or that which may be termed neutral, then you are attuned to the Absolute, but to do so requires that you have no desire to experience or to think, therefore, most entities only tolerate that oneness for a brief period of time in meditation, which is good for feeding the soul from the Divine, and after so much of the fill-up of the Divine energy, one leaves the meditation, steps back into the polarities of reality and actuality levels, and goes on about their business experiencing positives and negatives, oppositions.